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DUO CONFORT is an exclusive an innovating product against snoring, created by a medical team. It has been positively tested by costumers with satisfaction of 92%.

Indicated in:
Chronic or occasional snoring; sleep apnea syndrome.
Strictly reserved for adults and children above 15 years of age.
Suitable for Men as well as Women.

DUO CONFORT and its advantages:

Tests on customers demonstrated a satisfaction of 92%. And in most cases, even a conclusive result within the 1st night.

Due to its particular form and material, DUO CONFORT is placed easily and naturally in the mouth and adapts itself instantly to almost every type of morphology. Patients get used to it within a few nights.

One DUO CONFORT kit last for 6 months.

Good-to-know – What is this about?

Mechanism: snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping.
The habit to breath through the mouth becomes a difficult reflex to manage.
DUO CONFORT makes it possible to control this reflex, allowing a re-education of the nasal breathing.

Definition: is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. Each episode, called an apnea, lasts long enough so that one or more breaths are missed, and such episodes occur repeatedly throughout sleep. The standard definition of any apneic event includes a minimum 10 second interval between breaths, with either a neurological arousal, a blood oxygen desaturation of 3-4% or greater, or both arousal and desaturation.

Consequences: difficulty to wake up in the morning, diurnal asthenia, with concentration difficulties, drowsiness, or even irresistible tendencies to fall asleep. This multiplies by 7 the risks of having road traffic incidents, industrial injuries and even household incidents.

Actual remedies: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) The CPAP machine stops this phenomenon by delivering a stream of compressed air via a hose to a nasal pillow, nose mask or full-face mask, splinting the airway (keeping it open under air pressure) so that unobstructed breathing becomes possible, reducing and/or preventing apneas and hypopneas. When the machine is turned on, but prior to the mask being placed on the head, a flow of air comes through the mask. After the mask is placed on the head, it is sealed to the face and the air stops flowing.

The DUO CONFORT Concept:

  • Comfort for the user
  • Comfort for the user’s surroundings

DUO CONFORT is an innovative concept developed by Dr Olivier TEQUI, a general doctor located in Aube (France).
Snorer himself and a subject to sleep apnea, this doctor was disappointed of the products sold on the market. That’s why he decided to find a solution for him and his patients on his own. He gathered medical specialists in the objective of finding a simple, efficient and comfortable solution. The development and the creation took over 3 years to create this DUO CONFORT concept.

A test has been made on customers known as “heavy snorers” (55 to 90 dB)

  • Very satisfied: Are patients who were able to re-educate the breathing, which means that after a couple of months DUO CONFORT wasn’t necessary anymore.
  • Satisfied: Are patients who don’t snore anymore, but still are obliged to wear the orthoses during the night.
  • Non-satisfied: Are patients who abandoned the test programme due to diverse reasons like chronic coughing (expulsion of the orthoses during sleep) discomfort due to a bad saliva regulation.

Besides a 92% success (never obtained by other classic offers), our biggest surprise was to notice that 51 patients were able to re-educate their breathing, which means about 42% of the tested patients.

Regarding the existing 8%, they decided to interrupt the programme for different reasons which we respect. These patients mainly have nocturnal coughing (smokers) or an important salivation.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Allergies due to silicone
Respiratory tract blocked, difficulty with nasal breathing
Repetitive coughing, especially for smokers, flu conditions
Mucous membrane lesions, Gingivitis, canker sore
Mental disorders, dementia

Side effects
Excessive salivation. This phenomenon occurs after a couple days of use; can be tenacious but eventually always ends up disappearing.

  • Rare cases of allergies
  • The orthoses is destined to be placed in the mouth in front of the teeth; its form and posture have been designed to prevent any risk of swallowing.



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